Friday, August 8, 2008

Unrequited love?

I got in touch with a colleague of mine who flirted with me 100 times and I too responded in the same way, and somewhere in the back of my mind and heart I lost control. Subconsciously I started loving her - I gave her flowers on valentines day, gave her gifts, wished on all special days of her. I gave up alcohol just for her.

Then came the day she broke the big news - she was engaged already to someone else and all this to her was just fun. I knew it was fun but subconsciously I lost control, maybe this is love I wondered, I asked myself 1000 times what love is...I still dont know.

I cried like a baby, covering myself with a blanket so that no-one knew and I still couldn't belive I was so badly hurt that I cried...but i dont regret any of this, its all part of life.


Testing said...

OMG!! This is Deep and Dark!!??? Grow up! If you don't regret, and it is all part of life, then why confess???

Anonymous said...

this is a sound one..but for a deep and dark more detail plz..