Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Way to go!

'Rajiv! Will you help me a bit?' I called out from the kitchen. There was no reply. Craning my neck, I peeped out through the door. He was standing there in the lobby but not listening. He seemed to be concentrating on something in the bedroom. I went out to find out.

Nishi was getting up from the bed. Her nightgown had gone up. Her long lovely legs were in full view. She didn't know someone was watching her. Then she stretched herself, her arms above her head. And the gown tightened against her body revealing her voluptuous curves. A completely lost Rajiv looked on.

Something broke inside me. We were married just an year earlier. How could someone get disillusioned just in a year! Holding my tears back, I came back to the kitchen. Rajiv never knew I had stood there behind him.

Then I heard him moving to the bedroom. There were whispers...a suppressed laugh and silence. 'what was going on?' my storming mind tried to guess. I couldn't hold myself anymore and rushed to the bedroom. What I saw there stunned me.

Nishi, all smiling, was sitting on the edge of the bed, her gown raised to the knees. Rajiv sat on the floor, massaging her foot and sneaking a look at her body. I could see lust oozing out of him.

Seeing me there, both stood up with a jerk. Rajiv almost hid his face. 'She had a leg cramp..told me to help her,' he spoke in a hollow voice. 'Oh!' was all I could say. 'Nishi, will you come to the kitchen and help me?' I added on second thought.

'Oh, didi, please spare me,' Nishi acted like a child. 'I have come for just a week. Let me relax, will you please?'

'Fine, then get ready for the breakfast,' I gave her a stern look and returned to the kitchen.

All day, I kept thinking for a solution.

The night fell. 'How is your Tanjore painting going on?' Rajiv asked me. 'I am going to spend a good 2 hours on it, today,' I announced, 'You please go and sleep. I'll join later.'

'No problem,' Rajiv jumped at this. 'I am having a mild headache too. Will you please see that I am not disturbed?' he said. I could see ideas going through his mind.

'No problem' I said and turned my head away.

There was darkness in the bedroom. The door opened slowly. 'Who's it?' Rajiv asked. 'Jiju! Could I apply balm to your forehead? Didi told me you are having a headache' a whisper rose from the darkness. 'Yes, sit here, by my side,' Rajiv touched Nishi's gown. Next moment, fingers ran over his a slow stimulating motion....

Then there was a storm in the room. Some power overtook Rajiv. He lost control over himself. He pulled her to the bed, clothes flung high and they rolled over and over....

A spent Rajiv lay on the bed. 'It was terrific,' he spoke in a satisfying voice. 'Nishi, you are great! Your sis is no where near you...'.

Suddenly the light in the room was switched on blinding Rajiv. 'It is me, Rajiv, not Nishi...I locked her in a room and wore her gown!'


Anonymous said...

dude what about the voice. wouldn't rajiv have guessed who it is, from the voice, to start with.

a gown is the least of things that would fool him in the dark.

unbelievable, but smart eitherways.

prv said...

Interested to know rest of the story too.

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

great post. i liked the way everything went in the story. is it a true incident or you had mad it up? let me know.

Anonymous said...

made up..god damn it..too scripted..

Solitary.sailor said...

nice post...i guess this was the best way to teach the lesson and caught rajiv.....was it a true incident?

Avishek said...

A scripted fake incident... but I must say, a good read :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone watched "The Truth About Love" ("). Feels like the "story" is inspired from an incident in this movie.