Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't you see the excitement dripping all over my face? (A confession to the OK)

I'm standing out side the office building whiling away the 15-minutes of break time. Standing in front of me, a little too close for comfort, is the office Overgrown Kid.

OK (snicker, snicker): Why are you still renting that thing you call your house? It's minuscule! How much are you paying for it anyway?
Sake: Get to the point, OK.
OK: I mean, for about a grand more you get a proper house, instead of that coop you call your house.
Sake: I don't need a change, OK.
OK: I'm serious.
Sake: So am I.
OK: I told Princess (his wife) I'm going out on a date... with a girl.

Sake's just discovered her old sneakers are wearing out. Hmmmm, it's time to get new ones. Shit, one more expense.

Sake: Umm, yeah.
OK: Princess asked me if I was going out with a 60-year old because it's too hard to imagine me with, you know... a young girl.

Did you know my hair colour looks different in varied lights? Moonlight makes it look a deep burgundy. Hmmmm, interesting.

Sake: Alright.
OK: I told her I was going out with a young, pretty girl and we're going to a lounge and...Sake wakes up from her reverie: It isn't a lounge. It's an intimate little pub.

OK: What? So, yeah, I told her we'll go to this lounge and get drunk and look into each others eyes and dance REAL close, like, this close...

OK inches closer to Sake. Sake instinctively backs off by about 2 feet. Smooooooth, Sir Grope-A-Lot.

OK: ...and then I told her that we'll get real drunk and she just laughed in my face when i told her I was going out with you. See, how she trusts me?

Sake's eyes hurt from all that rolling. There's a half-smoked cigarette on the ground. She wonders if he'd notice if she picked it up. She overcomes that longing and thinks about tomorrow. Tomorrow is salary day, YAY!

Yeah, she told him she'd go out with him to the new TC this Saturday. She doesn't have the heart to tell him that she kaato'd a chutiya out of him.

P.S. Anyone who's contemplating handing her soap water for a little bit of mouth-cleansing, kiss her ass.

And f**k you, too.


blunt edges said... dis posted by cold sake??? i hv read a lil of ur stuff before...dunno if someone flicked it n pasted it here or its sake only who sent it...anyways repeat readin of somethin u read long ago is fun too ;)

Anonymous said...

Ookay. thats cryptic :||

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Deepest darkest confessions’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

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This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


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